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Why is LotteryChain better?

The public-chain serves as the base of the bookkeeper election mechanism. Because public-chain is complete open, more people can participate in the node registration and bookkeeping of the consortium-chain and get their rewards accordingly; the consortium-chain functions as the underlying technology platform of the lottery system. By combining the public and consortium blockchain networks together, the decentralization of rights, bookkeeping, and transactions are well achieved on the ecosystem whilst decentralized lottery games can enjoy instantaneous performance on LotteryChain at a very low cost.

Whether its a ticket sale, a jackpot win, commissions, or investment, every transaction goes through the blockchain. Every block in the chain has a record of the transactions, so a hacker would have to change every single block to manipulate or compromise the lottery number which is impossible.

Therefore, a blockchain lottery platform ensures no foul plays and lottery scandals in the ecosystem.

How blockchain is revolutionizing the way the world plays?

  • Global

    It cannot be banned or forbidden by any government or state monopoly.Anyone who has Internet access can play, regardless of their citizenship.

  • Smart

    A smart contract is a digital agreement between the parties in which computers enforce terms and bring transparency to any transaction. Rules which are legible to all parties can never be altered.

  • Security

    Full decentralization of the platform makes it independent, autonomous, anonymous, secure and transparent.

  • Revolutionary

    New blockchain games are being added to LotteryChain as it quickly gains popularity.

  • Record-Breaking

    Thanks to the low costs of running a blockchain-powered lottery, LotteryChain contributes a larger percentage of profits to the jackpot than a traditional lottery ever could.

  • Proven

    LotteryChain is fully operational and enjoyed by players around the world.

  • Accessible

    Cryptocurrencies can make online gambling accessible as it offers a low entry barrier to new players and enables them to avoid gambling regulations applied to fiat currency.

  • Traceability

    As all of the records are stored on the blockchain, players can have a transparent and traceable view of the transactions. They can reach to the roots of disputes if any occurs in the future.

What can I do with LotteryChain?

LotteryChain’s decentralized lottery underlying system supports several application scenarios, including classical lotteries and new blockchain-based games. In combination with existing partners and industry resources, and based on our accumulated expertise in the blockchain technology, we are fully convinced to gradually develop LotteryChain into an international leading service provider of blockchain-based lottery technology.